Best Android Launchers For Android Customization In 2023

Your home screen can be lightened with these best Android launchers. With launchers ranging from minimalist skins to those that explode with color, you’ll find an impressively broad selection of alternatives for personalizing the greatest Android phones aside from having apps like news apps for Android you can get chance to do more beautifull stuff to your phone.

With fresh icons and themes, as well as new features like smart folders and search assistants, these launchers may completely transform the appearance and feel of your phone. Although Android’s appearance changes yearly, there are numerous launchers available for your phone.

These best android launchers give your phone additional beauty. They are capable of transforming visually any icon on your phone. Let’s quickly check out these best Android launchers that can help add beauty to your phone.

Top 10 Android Launchers To Customize Your Device In 2022

Nova launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the best Android launchers around. You can arrange your home screen exactly how you want it without affecting speed. This is possible because of the Nova Launcher’s quick, svelte, and highly adjustable design. This balances significant cosmetic and utility adjustments with a minimal performance impact.

There are many choices to explore, including folder settings, infinite scrolling, and many more. The owners constantly roll out new features and upgrades, that’s why it leads in the launcher section. The Nova premium comes with better features than the free one. those who want more features can subscribe to the premium version.

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Apex Launcher

Another top-notch Android launcher that strikes a decent balance between features and performance, is this launcher. The option to modify the home screen grid size with up to nine screens and a scrollable dock with up to five pages are among the essential features. The Apex launcher presents you with the ability to customize your app’s icons, and other features you love to customize. you get more features in Apex Launcher’s premium version. Which includes additional drawer settings, additional gestures, and theme support.
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Microsoft Launcher

The Microsoft launcher is one of the best Android launchers. The app gives your phone the Window experience. Users may instantly take images with their phones and view them on their desktops. They can also access online links from their phones in Edge on their PCs. Or begin editing Office 365 documents on their PC and continue with their phones while they are on the road. All of this is in addition to Microsoft’s customized gesture controls, customizable themes, and universal search bar.

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Action Launcher

Another Android launcher to try on your android phone is the Action launcher. Action Launcher has an adjustable app bar, a Google search bar in the shape of a pill, and Oreo-style app shortcuts. An app library and widgets are easily accessible to consumers thanks to a slide-out app drawer. Speedy access is made possible by unique motions like “covers” and “shutters.” Action Launcher chooses the prominent colors in your wallpaper automatically. And use it to change the backgrounds of the app drawer, folders, and search box to match.

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Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion Launcher is an incredibly configurable Android launcher. The app enables you to change a wide range of settings. Users can customize a wide range of options. Options like themes, folders, transparencies, animations, icon packs, and adaptive icons in addition to the normal wallpapers and widgets. Many of Hyperion’s features are available for free, but some need an in-app purchase for the Pro edition.

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AIO Launcher

Compared to other Android launcher apps, AIO Launcher does it differently. The launcher replaces your home screen with lots of items and information. It displays information about your most recent SMS messages and missed calls. You also get Info on your media player, your system information, and even news, and other things. The Play Store description contains the complete list, which is actually pretty long.

Additionally integrated into the premium edition are your standard widgets from other apps. AIO Launcher proves that not everything needs to look like standard Android, and it’s possible to do it well. Fortunately, most of the functions are free, and there don’t appear to be any commercials in the free edition.

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Before Launcher

One of the few minimalist launchers on the list is Before Launcher. This one promises to cut down on phone use by as much. A notification filter is also available, which cuts notifications. Other characteristics include a simple, clean user interface. And the option to pin or conceal particular programs.

It has fewer customization options than most minimalist launchers. However, it supports icon packs. The free version, which is also ad-free, gives you access to the vast majority of features. The program cannot capture any data, according to the developers, and it doesn’t need any rights to operate.

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Launcher iOS 16

The most well-known Android launcher with iOS 16 design cues is Launcher iOS 16. It does the action you anticipate. Widgets, app groups, and other elements of your home screen appear as they typically would on iOS. An iOS-style control center (Google Play) and an iOS-style assistive touch are also supported by the launcher. Although some users have found issues here and there, it generally works. Overall, it functions fairly well, however, the launcher contains ads.

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Niagara Launcher

Niagara is a straightforward launcher that emphasizes usability. Compared to conventional Android launchers, it features a unique user interface. Its look is clean and shows only your favorite apps on the home screen. The launcher is ideal for enabling you to use your phone one-handed.

As each program is reachable with your thumb through its sidebar, using one hand to access them all is simple. Your alerts simply pop up on the screen, so you don’t need to extend the notification bar to see them. All of Niagara’s fundamental features are free. You must buy the app’s pro edition in order to access more sophisticated features.

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The last best Android Launcher on the list is Olaucher. Olauncher is an open-source app that offers all of its functionality without the cost. If your top goals are security and privacy, open-source is the way to go. Olauncher is a more straightforward launcher that yet offers a ton of customization options.

The launcher can update your phone screen every day with new wallpaper. It also supports both dark and light settings in addition to letting you maintain your favorite and most-used apps on the home screen. Custom gestures, like a double tap, can be set up for various activities. Olauncher is blazingly quick and clean because it lacks app icons

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You don’t have to make any changes at all to your Android device to make it your own. Simply select the launcher of your choice, and it will do all the labor-intensive tasks. Here, you should be able to discover the ideal launcher for your needs. However, if you’re using an outdated or low-end phone, you might be able to obtain even better performance by selecting a lightweight launcher. Let us hear your view on the best Android launchers in the comment box below.

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