Best Apps For Editing Photos To Try In 2023

Top 10 apps for editing photos: There are a staggering number of smartphone photo editing apps available. It can be difficult to choose which app is the best and contains the functionality you are looking for. We have compiled a list of the top 10 photo editing apps to give you an idea of which one is the best.

Below, you’ll find a variety of apps, from the most straightforward to the most comprehensive. You can use any of these apps to edit photos on both Android and iPhones. Each of these best photo editing apps comes with tons of features that can help enhance your pictures. However, its good to note that some of these features are in the pro version of these apps. Ok, lets check these best apps to edit pictures on both Android and iOS.

 Top 10 Apps For Editing Photos On Both Android And iOS


VSCO combines an intuitive photo editing program with a creative social feed. Highlights of the tool include temperature adjustment, contrast, and exposure. VSCO is ideal for moody, cinematic photos because of them. The app has a simple and elegant appearance. You have access to additional specialized features, such as an alignment tool, in addition to using the necessary tools.

Additionally, color correction and raw editing are available. The VSCO app even has a video editor. However, access to this function requires a paid subscription. The main attraction of VSCO is its presets, despite the fact that its editing tools are excellent. A photographer’s paradise, this assortment of filters is huge. VSCO is ideal for bringing an analog, genuine touch to your photographs. The photo editing app is one of the best apps for editing photos. Take your pictures to a level with the VISCO app.

Download on Android and iOS

 2. Pixlr

Pixlr is one of the most popular apps for editing photos. The app specializes in offering users exactly the right amount of diversity. You won’t ever experience a sense of being overrun by the possibilities. However, you can convert your images to sepia, black-and-white. Or film tones using straightforward brushes in addition to pre-set effects, overlays, and style filters.

Pixlr is available for free download, but the free edition of the program features advertising and has fewer editing tools. The Pixlr app’s simplicity may appeal to casual users. But anyone looking for complete editing features and cutting-edge effects may find that Pixlr falls short in a number of crucial respects. However, those wanting more editing tools can upgrade to the premium version.

Download on Android and iOS

3. Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the most know apps for editing photos. It’s a free photo editing app with advanced editing capabilities. It strikes an excellent mix between thorough editing and simplicity. Within the app, you’ll find a wide range of features and filters. Additionally, features for perspective correction, HDR, brush, structure, and healing are available.

One of its best features is a powerful portrait tool. The ability to perform non-destructive photo editing is another fantastic feature. A preview updates as you make adjustments. You can easily rotate and trim your photographs.

Additionally, Snapseed offers exact brightness control. With many filters and styling options, you can even add drama and old textures. To sum things up, Snapseed is one of those free photo editing apps with tons of features. Both experts and novices can use the apps to edit any kind of photo.

Download on Android and iOS
4. Adobe Photoshop Camera
 Adobe is one of the top guys if not the top n the editing world. So you know their apps come with amazing editing tools. Before or after you take a shot, Photoshop Camera may add masks, special effects, and some photo repairs using an AI feature called Adobe Sensei. The app’s “lenses,” or filters, provide a wide range of colors, lighting settings, and unique effects to completely change the look of your shot with just one click.

Additionally, some lenses have animated components like moving smart objects or shooting stars. Every new lens that Adobe adds to the app has a number of modifications that allow for highly styled images. In spite of this, the app is more suited for casual users than expert editors. Because it lacks complex features as well as important editing tools but is still one of the go-to apps for editing photos.

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5. PicsArt

Another top app to try on your phone is PicsArt. This app offers a fun, creative experience without a lot of bother by fusing community with an easy-to-use editing app. Even individuals who are completely new to photo editing can access all the fundamental tools. While enjoying stickers, collage templates, and text functionalities in the free app. Which contains pop-up adverts while working.

Additionally, you can use PicsArt with your camera to edit photographs beforehand by adding filters, effects, and overlays. Use the “Effect” menu on PicsArts to quickly crop, resize, flip/rotate, and enhance photos. You can also use the Dispersion tool to instantly produce dramatic images. The practical tools in PicsArt can assist you in making modest edits. Stylish filters, vibrant lettering, cloning tools, and an eraser tool to eliminate items from your images are also available.

The “Motion” effect in PicsArt even lets you animate your photographs, unlike some other apps on the list of apps for editing photos. Ok, the few drawbacks of this app are that the pro version is expensive when compared to others. And it lacks complex editing tools. But for those who love to edit pictures for social media, this app will help a lot.

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6. Canva

The main draw of Canva is its collection of adaptable, customizable templates. You can browse Canva’s library of templates, pick one that matches your style, and make customized changes. You can use the Canva library of elements to build a post of your own design if you’d rather not make a narrative using one of the app’s themes. While Canva does include a small selection of picture effects, you will need to look at other apps for editing photos if you want to create any professional-level photographic changes. The only picture effects available on Canva are photo resizing, color correction, and filter overlays.

Download on Android and iOS
7. Afterlight

The next app on our list of best apps for editing photos is Afterlight. This tool-rich and surprisingly capable iPhone app is simple to use. Exposure, contrast, cropping, saturation, and other basic editing features are available in the free edition. But many of its better tools are only accessible in the subscription version. The features you get in the pro version include saturation, tone curve, etc. The Android version is nice as well. But it has not received an update for a while now.

Download on Android and iOS
8. Adobe Photo Express

Another Adobe app on our list is the Adobe Photoshop Express mobile app. This free photo editing app is simple to use on a little touchscreen even if it offers a ton of sophisticated functions. To begin editing, just upload a photo from your device, capture a new one with the camera, or select one from your Adobe Creative Cloud account. It offers all the features you might anticipate, like borders, filters, red-eye removal, brightness, contrast, and saturation.

The finest feature, though, is its array of intelligent filters. These filters automatically fix frequent problems including exposure and color temperature concerns. Mind you must create an account before using Adobe Photoshop Express. and the account creation is free. Save your edited photo directly to your device after you’re done. Or share it with other social media networks.

Download on Android and iOS

9. Adobe Lightroom
Funny how we have another Adobe app on our list of apps for editing photos. You will get all the features of the desktop version in this app. Additionally, it supports RAW files, a popular high-quality image format among photographers. The fact that this top picture editor app doesn’t strive to be everything to everyone is one of its many wonderful features.

Instead, it focuses on offering a collection of excellent adjusting options that are displayed as straightforward sliders. These enable you to change the photo’s lighting, detail, color, distortion, and grain. You’ll also have access to extra features if you want to sign up for Adobe Creative Cloud. You can identify the appropriate image quickly by using tools like Adobe Sensei, an AI system that automatically tags your photographs based on their content, and selective editing.

Download on Android and iOS

  10. Prisma

Prisma is another app that stands out on our list of best apps for photo editing. The app focuses entirely on the artistic side of things. Unlike many other apps that merely apply filters. And the effects are applied with astonishing accuracy thanks to smart AI. In total, there are more than 300 filters available to use.

But you cannot access most since they are in the paid version. You also have access to HD processing of your photographs with a premium subscription. After using a filter, you can quickly create a unique background, and adjust the exposure, contrast, and other editing tools. You can also save the results to your phone, and share the results with others. To sum it up, free filter updates keep the app feeling new.

Download on Android and iOS


There you have it. The best apps for editing photos. So when next you need an app to edit photos, you can always run to this post to get some help. Just an advice, expert photo editors might want to go for the paid versions of these apps since they contain more advanced tools for editing. If I leave any app out please make sure to let me know in the comment box.

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