Best Apps For Saving Money In Nigeria

Best apps to save money in Nigeria. Regardless of the state of the economy, saving has always been a behavior that will endure. For everyone who desires a better tomorrow, saving may even be more crucial than feeding, according to some financial gurus. This explains why the saving culture endures despite the current state of the economy.

The only way most know how to save is through a traditional piggy bank, local gatherings, and commercial banks. It’s interesting how the development of many applications offering a variety of saving plans and interests has made saving simpler and more enjoyable.

These apps to save money in Nigeria provides better interest rates than the normal commercial banks. Mind you some of these apps double as investment apps for anyone who wants to save and interest. A closer look at these apps to save money shows that some offer more interest rates than others.

And for some that might be having doubts, the apps have authorization from the CBN. Security-wise, these apps have a high level of security so you do not have to worry about anything. With that said, let us quickly check out the best apps to save money in Nigeria out, to see which one will be best for you.

Top 10 Apps To Save Money In Nigeria 


PiggyVest is one of the top saving and investment apps in the country. According to the firm, its sole aim is to help most Nigerians reach their financial goals via saving and investment. Ever since it was introduced, Piggyvest has remained committed to providing top-notch customer support.

Also, assisting users in managing their finances easily and openly. Piggyvest has various saving plans for customers. All you have to do is select a saving plan that works for you best. Piggyvest offers various rates by its various savings plans. To sum it up, this app is good for anyone who wants to achieve their financial goals.

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Kuda bank is one of my favorites on the list of best apps for saving in Nigeria. I use Kuda bank for banking services, since it provides free transfers. Also, I can buy airtime, and data and even pay bills from the app. Kuda has tools for tracking your spending patterns, increasing your savings, and making wise financial decisions. You can select whether you want to save daily, weekly, or monthly using the app.

The banking app makes your saving flexible with its unique saving plans. With more than 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store, Kuda is luring new users with its cost-free banking options. Kuda offers a variety of savings programs with various rates of interest. All you have to do is select a saving plan that works for you and check out its interest rate for a year.

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This app is one of the top investment-saving applications in Nigeria. It enables users to not only save money but also invest in overseas businesses. Trove provides Nigerians with quick access to investment opportunities in nations like China and the United States. To step things up, the

The trove app allows you to save and invest for as little as a thousand naira. You no longer have an excuse to put off investing thanks to this app. The Trove app includes a staggering 256-bit encryption system, along with other top security features. All are geared toward shielding users’ important information from intruders. You no longer have excuses for not saving with this app.

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The digital ALAT is the innovative creation of WEMA Bank Nigeria. This implies that you do not need to visit a physical branch. Instead, you can conduct all of your transactions using your electronic devices from the convenience of your home. ALAT enables you to select a savings goal, choose how much to save, and how long to save it for. You have the option of automating your savings or saving at your speed. The Group Savings option also lets you decide whether to save by yourself or with others. The savings interest rates are one of the best in the business.

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The next app on our list of best apps to save money in Nigeria is KoloPay. This app, as simple as it is can help you save more than you expect. You can choose to automate your savings by scheduling, using the EasySave and Autosave options either daily, weekly, or monthly. The app makes it simple for you to save money for your goals through these plans. You can ask people to contribute to your saving goal by using the Koloshare feature. KoloPay enables you to manage multiple saving objectives simultaneously. KoloPay offers an interest rate of up to 10%.

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Cowrywise, another good app for saving money, offers savings with monthly, fixed, and one-time interest rates. You may create your investing and savings portfolios with this application, and you can manage your money safely. The amount of interest you will get per period is calculated using an interest rate calculator.

You can save either as an individual or a group. Cowrywise like most apps to save money has a good user interface. In addition, the app has a feature called the saving challenge. This feature encourages you to follow strict savings plans that will help you accumulate emergency cash. Or a better stockpile of money at the end of the specified period.

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Due to the variety of services it provides, Carbon is a multifaceted investment app. One of the top lending apps in Nigeria, it enables Nigerians to obtain unsecured loans of up to 1 million Naira. Yes, without security. Additionally, you can utilize this software to save money for a certain purpose. However, it focuses on loans and investments. But, its saving plans are also good for anyone that wants to achieve a saving goal. The app is simple and anyone can find another way around it. Its interest rates are also nice, if you love to invest and save I suggest you go for this app.

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Opay is one of the payment cashback apps in Nigeria. But what most don’t know is that the app is also an excellent app for saving money. The app comes with various saving plans with nice interest rates attached to these plans. For those also searching for investment apps, Opay can be of help. Although, it does not offer mega investment platforms like other apps on the list. The app has a unique and simple interface. It shouldn’t be hard for anyone to find their way around it.

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Nomba (Formarly Kudi) 

Kudi a Hausa word for money is a unique app for saving money. This saving app helps you to achieve your saving goal. Like other apps for saving money, the app gives you specific interest in any saving plan you choose. In addition, you can you the app to pay bills, and buy airtime and data. In general, the app is the simplest app for anyone who wishes to save. At the time of writing this article, we can only get the Kudi app on Google Play Store.

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Vestpay is a tried-and-true investing and saving program that aids in instilling in us sensible saving habits, fantastic investment options, and wealth development that is so important in the nation we live in. The app encourages you to make sensible financial decisions because you’ll always be thinking ahead. Vestpay gives 15% on your intended savings as well as a variety of investment options from which you can choose with ease. The app offers you advice on how to save while you spend. The interest rates are also good for anyone.

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