10 Best Apps To Create Memes On Your Phone 2023

Do you love memes and love to create some for your social media postings on your smartphone? Then let these apps to create memes help you do that. Come on, who doesn’t love memes? As you check through social media space, you get to see lots of memes. That ranges from funny memes to celebrity memes. If you ever wonder how these mems and being created and love to make one, then these posts will help you out.

Creating memes is not rocket science, which means everyone can do that. All you need is a good app with a variety of templates. Finding the top apps to create memes might be challenging due to the abundance of options on we have in the app stores. We did research on the available apps and can come up with the top apps we think will help you create breathtaking memes. If you want to find out about these apps to make memes, let us go.

Top 10 Apps To Create Memes on Your Mobile Phone


PhotoDirector is one of the top apps to create memes. Whether you’re a seasoned meme creator or a novice, it’s accessible thanks to its powerful yet user-friendly features. You can even use AI to animate photographs on the app. Memes are only limited by your creativity. Because of its functionality and versatility,

PhotoDirector is undoubtedly the best app if you love creating memes. Whether you want to remove things, alter photographs, or switch faces, it has you covered. The app comes with lots of stickers, frames, and effects. So you may customize your most recent memes. One last exciting thing about this app is that it gets updated monthly.

Download on Android and iOS

GATM Meme Generator

The GATM Meme Generator is a solid meme app to take into consideration. It provides resources for making the newest memes. The app gets updates on a frequent basis, keeping the layouts, graphics, and content up to date. You can add text and explore a variety of pre-built memes using the GATM Meme Generator.

Additionally, you can submit your own photo and make a special meme. You can share on a variety of social media sites directly from the app. Although you can download the GATM Meme Generator for free, however, to get advanced features, you will have to pay.

Download on Android and iOS


Mematic is a simple-to-use meme generator. You may make two different kinds of memes using it. The first option is perfect for demotivational posters since it includes a dark background, a black image, and black lettering. Additionally, you can choose from pre-made themes and add your words. Simple designs are Mematic’s strong suit. You may also utilize pictures from your camera roll as a background while creating bespoke memes. Memetic enables you to share your creation after editing via email, Facebook, and so on.

Download on Android and iOS

Meme Creator

Another top app on the list of best apps to create memes is Meme Creator. The app gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of categories. Categories such as those for celebrities, cartoon characters, animals, wrath, guidance, and much more. These categories help you to locate the right meme for any circumstance.

To create a new and original meme, you can combine two different memes in the app using photographs from your gallery. More than hundreds of templates are available in the app, and you may modify the text size, font style, and border of the memes. However, the meme maker has a huge problem in that it lacks capabilities like adding clip artwork to a meme. Or employing fresh elements, which makes it quite repetitive.

Download on Android and iOS


MemeDroid is another app for checking if you are in search of the best apps to create memes. According to most users, the app lacks some top qualities. But it can still create basic memes for you. If you love creative top attractive memes, we suggest you check another app. The app comes with a large library of templates and simple text formatting options. It’s more appropriate for making inside jokes among friends and sharing them with others.

Download on Android and iOS

Meme Face

If you want to find memes based on your facial expression, Meme Faces is the finest app for you. This app uses face recognition technology to identify the appropriate meme for your current appearance. You have two options when using the app: upload a photo from your gallery or take a selfie. After you’ve taken the picture, it looks for amusing memes including your face, and displays them before letting you save the pictures to your phone. You can also send those to your friends via social media platforms and email.

Download on Android and iOS


Memeto is another app meme lovers will like. The app enables you to easily create original memes with more than a thousand stickers, HD pictures, and meme templates. Even using the images you have saved in your gallery, you can create memes. Using the app you can also give a meme some color to make it more eye-catching.

On Memeto, you can make troll quotes, dank quotes, and even motivational quotations in addition to memes. Memeto is a free app, so you don’t even need to bother about any watermarks. However, you’ll come across a lot of ads when creating memes. To get rid of these ads you must go premium. But if you are ok with the ads, there is no need to go premium.

Download on  iOS


I know most of you are surprised to see Imgur on the list of best apps to create memes. As we know, Imgur is a well know high-quality photo library. However, it recent updates include features to create memes. The app comes with a fantastic meme collection so that you never run out of ideas. Unlike other apps to create memes, Imgur does not provide a superior set of tools for creating memes.

Imgur is one of the apps to use if you want to quickly create memes without doing a lot of editing. Imgur also enables you to remix existing memes to create brand-new ones. The app interface is simple to use and straightforward. The app is free to use and comes with ads. But to unlock premium features and get rid of the ads, you will have to pay.

Download on Android and iOS

Easy Meme Maker

The Easy Meme Maker app is the best option if you’re seeking a quick approach to making memes. Anyone can use it effortlessly, and there isn’t much to learn. The app enables users to add stickers or write text to the captions of their photographs. Additionally, you can choose pictures straight from the camera and add text to them.

Download on Android


Meme.com is the last app on our list of best apps to create memes. Ironically, the app is only available for iOS devices. You can easily create movies and GIF memes with its help. Furthermore, this app offered modern meme templates in addition to more common ones. Additionally, Memes.com includes iMessage integration so you can easily make memes and send them to the person you are texting.

The app has a robust search. So you can look for a template based on your choice. Once you discover a nice meme, you can use the app’s wide range of features to alter it as well as watch it. Since Memes.com does not filter out sexual content, some of the popular memes may be viewed negatively by some readers. The pro version comes with more exciting features. So if you want to enjoy the pro version, you have to pay for it.

Download on Android and iOS


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