Best Apps To Hide Apps On Android

Best apps to hide apps on Android. On our smartphones, we perform a variety of open tasks including playing games, streaming movies, and so on. However, there are instances when we need to protect our privacy from nosy neighbors and young children.

And pretty much any other type of outsider who has no right to view anything on our Android smartphone. Apps are probably the most prevalent thing on smartphones today.

Since some contain most of our personal information. And we want this information to be hidden from others. So the only thing is to use an app that helps hide other apps on Android. Here is our list of the best apps to hide apps on Android.

Top 10 Apps To Hide Apps On Android

Hide App Application

This app is one of other best apps to hide apps on Android. To hide apps, you must have root access because unrooted devices cannot use this function. The app will inform you if your phone has root access after you have completed downloading it. The Hide App Application is simple to use and has a clear graphical user interface.

You will get a pin to help lock that app in order to safeguard the confidentiality of your saved data. Additionally, it enables auto backup and restores functions. Which is useful in the event that the app is unintentionally deleted from your device. Your phone will automatically back up all the hidden apps when you reinstall the app, and you may then choose to restore them.

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DU Privacy Vault App

Android phones can hide apps with the help of this app. It has a variety of capabilities that make it possible to protect even a little document. You can lock or hide your individual apps from others by utilizing the app. You can use it to hide a variety of media, including video and photo files.

As you hide the apps you wish to hide, you get a password to access the hidden files. You can choose to modify the password anytime you wish to. You can choose between the pattern lock and passcode lock when setting your password. Additionally, you can lock virtually anything on your phone with this app. One last thing, if anyone tries to break through your lock, the app takes a picture of them and alerts yo

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Calculator Vault

Another app that can help you hide all of your apps without leaving any evidence that you did so is Calculator Vault. The name of this app will appear on your Android device as a calculator. But when clicked, it will be completely hidden from view if someone doesn’t know the password. The only way for others to access what you lock is if you give out the password. you can use the app to hide other stuff like pictures, videos, and so on.

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Parallel Space

The next app on our list of best apps to hide apps on Android is Parallel space. How did it work? Give it permission, pick the application you want to hide, and then hit add To Parallel Space. When you go to the Home Page, pick the app again, give it the necessary permissions so that it may operate from its workspace, and create an account in the app. Simply log in if you already have one. Has the app been removed from the main menu right now? And it will be operational.

C Launcher

One of the best or most remarkable launchers for hiding apps is this one. Simply download this launcher from the Play Store to get things going. After that, use the gesture to open the window for hiding applications, where you can add a number of apps that you want to keep private. The fact that this app does not clone any apps for you and does not require you to uninstall the original apps gives it a significant benefit.

App Hider

Another awesome app on our list of best apps to hide apps on Android is the App Hider. It is a lovely app cloner that enables you to access many accounts from a single device. By changing into a calculator, it may also hide documents, videos, and even apps. To safeguard an app, simply import it into App Hider and then remove it from your home system. From our App Hider setting, you can turn off the hidden app notification.


Nova Launcher

One of the greatest Android launchers, Nova Launcher is a great option to alter your device’s default app drawer and use a new one. The fact that you can hide apps with the launcher is one of its finest aspects, even though it has many functions and is a lightweight Android launcher. Apps can be quickly hidden in Nova Launcher’s drawer section without needing to uninstall them from your Android device. To access the hidden apps on your Android device, you can also add passwords or use a different method.
Hide It Pro

The next app on our list helps you hide apps on your Android phone without stress. You only need to configure the protection it will offer while installation is taking place. After that, you can add a pin or password for security. Even though it needs root access, hiding files and data is straightforward. Before using root access, make sure you are adequately knowledgeable about it. It can hide your photos, movies, and other stuff and offers secure protection for hidden content.


Apex Launcher

Another Android launcher on our list of best apps to hide apps on Android is Apex Launcher. Apex Launcher is a free Android modification app that you can use to modify your app drawer and alter the app icons on your device. As a result, your home screen will have a whole new appearance.

The ability to stress-free conceal apps with Apex Launcher is, however, its most fascinating feature. You may hide apps you wish to give privacy to by adding a new section to your home screen app drawer using Apex Launcher. Apex Launcher will conceal your apps for free and you can always access them via a recognized shortcut created for you.

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Vault is known for its capacity to hide images, movies, files, and directories. With the help of this app, you can hide nearly everything on your Android device. You can even lock and hide your apps if you don’t want others to have access to them. One of the greatest app hiders available in Vault. It offers a privacy browser that enables you to surf websites anonymously and a call reminder feature. And cloud backup for your files in case you decide to swap devices.

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