Best Apps To Read Books To Try In 2023

Best apps to read books. Nowadays, our primary access points to nearly everything are our smartphones. With your smartphone, you can do almost everything. Like ordering food, booking planes, learning a new language, etc. Even though your smartphone can accommodate a lot of books. People can download any book of their choice for free via one of these best apps to read books for free.

These apps to read books can open you up to a variety of books which ranges from biographies to fiction. Bookworms will definitely love these apps to read books. That’s why we compiled them for you. What are the best apps to read books on smartphones? Take a few minutes to find out.

Top 10 Best Apps To Read Books On Android And iOS

Below are the top 10 best apps to read books to try in the coming year. Almost all of these apps have over a million downloads on app stores. That shows you why you need to get one if you love reading books.


This app’s extremely adjustable reading experience is its most intriguing feature. It enables the viewing of ePub, PDF, and Adobe DRM-protected files. And allows you to browse the app’s selection of new readings, which includes many free classics. You can add as many audiobooks as you like, underline important passages, and make notes while reading. The app is free but you can choose to go premium if you wish to get more books and features.

Moon + Reader

The second app on our list of best apps to read books is Moon+. The app has millions of downloads on Google Play. And it only works on Android devices. The book reading app provides features for customizing the reading, including the ability to change the bold font size and line spacing, among other things. Day and night reading modes are available in Moon+ Reader. The app is totally free to get and it has a simple interface.


The next app on our list is FBReader. The most popular ebook formats are supported by this reading interface. Which is also very customizable so you may design your own online reading space. Uploading books to Google Drive and connecting to the app will allow you to access reads from your library or bring your own books. A premium edition is also available with more features.

Google Play Books

Another well-known app for book reading that comes preinstalled on Android devices is this one. As implied by the name, Google created this application. You may modify the various reading looks using this app. You have the freedom to tweak the fonts and color of the text. Additionally, you have a simple dictionary lookup tool if you are unable to understand the meaning of any term. The best feature of Google Play is the simplicity with which books can be quickly and readily downloaded for free. This is one of the best apps to read books that come already installed on Android devices.

Kobo Books

Kobo Books is one of the popular apps to read books. The app is a creation of Kobo inc, a well-known retailer of eBooks and audiobooks. Users of the program can browse the selection of books offered by the online retailer. You can change the text features if you want, including the typeface and other details. The interface is also one of the best, if you are searching for an app to get books to read for free then try Kobo.


One of the finest applications for reading books is Wattpad, which also has a community of users who contribute their stories. Users of the app can browse through several categories. And access well-known and iconic works. The ability to access books is available even without an Internet connection. On this app, you can get all kinds of books of your choice. The app is available for both Android and iOS.


Another top app for reading books is OverDrive. Unfortunately, it only functions for users who have a member account in a library in North America. Nevertheless, the platform provides a reading experience that is unmatched. It can sync all of your virtual bookshelves, notes, and other items across all of the devices you have installed on. For lovers of audiobooks, you can also install this app because it houses a lot of audiobooks.


On this app, you get over 50,000 free eBooks. One good thing is that these books come in several categories which makes it easier to access them based on your choices. You get the freedom to customize the app by adjusting the margins, spacing, text color, background hyphenation, and other settings. To replicate the experience of reading a conventional book, there is also an animation that resembles a paperback. Additionally, two-column reading is an option. The most popular book genres are fantasy, romance, and adventure.


Another simple but unique app to read and download books is Nook. On Nook, you get excellent books that can make you stay glued to your phone screen. This app features an integrated store where you can access magazines, newspapers, and comics in addition to allowing you to import epub and PDF files. The user interface is quite engaging.

eReader Prestigio

The last app on our list of best apps to read books is eReader. Additionally, to more than 48.000 free books, it offers more than 1 million books in 25 different languages. Users can effortlessly organize their collections by building a bookcase. The application’s interface is simple to use and supports multiple languages. Sadly it’s only available for Android users. iOS users can check other similar apps on the list.


When next you are in search of an app to read books, you can always stop by this post to get one. Also, share to other friends you think are in need of these best apps to read books. All of these apps come with lots of books in them. Which ranges from science to fiction. Let’s hear your view on these apps to read and download books.

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