Best Auto Insurance Companies in United Kingdom 2022 – 2023

Best Auto Insurance Companies in United Kingdom: Are you curious about the leading vehicle insurance providers in the UK? The solutions are here. Although over a hundred businesses in the UK sell auto insurance, the biggest auto insurers account for about 85% of the market. If you’re thinking of buying one of the top companies, take a look at our ranking to see who made the cut and find out more about what makes each one special. Here is share Best Auto Insurance Companies in United Kingdom related all details, you can read it.

Best Auto Insurance Companies in United Kingdom:

1. Admiral Group:

The largest vehicle insurance company in the UK, The Admiral Group, which writes policies under the brands Admiral, Bell, Diamond,, and Gladiator, holds 14% of the market for auto insurance. Technically, EUI Limited does business as Admiral.

Admiral’s vehicle business grew at a reasonable rate in 2021, contributing to their rise to the top spot among UK auto insurance providers, with a 5% increase in gross written premiums over 2020. Following NFU’s 6% increase in gross written premiums, Admiral’s growth was second-best last year. Admiral insured 4.97 million cars as of the end of 2021.

Also in 2021, Admiral introduced a few new car-related products: Admiral Essential, a less expensive, lower-tier (i.e., feature-limited) policy sold through the comparison channel, and carriage of goods for hire and reward, which offers the proper class of coverage for customers who work as delivery drivers or couriers. Admiral also introduced the Admiral virtual assistant (AVA) for auto insurance, which enables consumers to self-serve by responding to inquiries or making changes.

2. Direct Line Group:

The Direct Line Group, which also sells Direct Line auto insurance directly to customers, is a significant player in the PCW industry with its Churchill, Darwin, and Privilege motor insurance brands. Even while over two thirds of their sales were made directly to customers under the Direct Line moniker, only approximately a third of their premiums are really sold through the PCW channel. By launching the Darwin brand in 2019, the Group increased its exposure on price comparison websites. They sold 135,000 Darwin policies in 2021, and Trustpilot ranks the company among the top 10.

Recently, Direct Line has focused on automating its claims procedures to improve and hasten the customer experience. Additionally, they spent £2 million on a new auto technology center to improve their capacity for quick repairs (they own the largest insurer-owned garage network in the UK). And in 2021, they introduced a brand-new electric vehicle option for Direct Line. In 2021, gross written premiums decreased by 1.7%, and there were 4.0 million active vehicle insurance policies, a 2.2% decrease.

3. Aviva:

Despite not being very big, Aviva‘s general, direct auto insurance company is making an effort to expand through the price comparison website (PCW) market by concentrating on multi-cover plans. Their brand may provide some of the most economical PCW costs, depending on where you live. Due to their sales under the General Accident brand, they are the third-largest insurer in the UK’s auto insurance market.

At the 2020 British Insurance Awards, Aviva won the General Insurer of the Year award (but this honor went to Covea in 2021). Out of the top 10 firms, Aviva has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores on Trustpilot.

In 2021, Aviva added new coverage for electric vehicles, such as roadside breakdowns and electrical surges, and cover for EV accessories, to their lines automobile insurance. Furthermore, Aviva is a full-service provider of financial services and is well-known for its car insurance business. Aviva is a top supplier of savings and retirement products and general insurance.

4. Hastings Direct:

With more than 3.1 million active motor insurance policies, Hastings Direct is a well-known provider of auto insurance. They offer online and direct price comparison sales (PCWs). Although data for the current year is not yet available, 73% of Hastings premiums written to new vehicle insurance clients in 2018 were sold through the PCW market. Additionally, Hastings Essential auto insurance, which is the most economical of their options, can only be purchased through PCWs. They also provide Direct and Premium coverage, which can be purchased straight from their website or via comparison shopping portals.. In addition, they provide Multi Car cover (which offers reductions for households with between 2 and 4 cars), and you drive (a black box plan), among other companies.

Hastings Direct continues to develop in digital capabilities, making it simpler for clients to make online purchases and manage their accounts through a customer portal and app (which has a high rating of 4.6 stars in Apple’s App Store).

We also appreciate that Hastings Direct prides itself on offering clear-cut insurance. Their policy materials reflect this, as they are simpler to understand than some of the competition.

5. AXA:

According to our calculations, AXA is the UK’s fifth-largest auto insurance provider. AXA, a big international firm, underwrites insurance products for various other names, including and From Miles. It wrote more than 96.8 billion euros in premiums last year (pay-per-mile cover). Therefore, if you purchased auto insurance from a company that doesn’t write its policies, you might discover that AXA is ultimately responsible for providing your coverage.

6. LV:

Another well-known auto insurer is Liverpool Victoria, which goes by the name LV=. LV= insurance is accessible directly, via comparison websites, or through brokers. High renewal rates from current customers and new sales following the introduction of their multi-car service have contributed to the LV= brand’s recent development. Their outstanding customer review rating on Trustpilot can be attributed to client happiness being a company goal. Through Clear Car Insurance (LV= Broker), which Highway Insurance Company underwrites, LV is the driving force behind the car insurance for the Volvo, Dacia, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Masda, MG, Mitsubishi, Renault, and Suzuki brands (part of the Liverpool Victoria group).

7. esure Group:

Leading personal auto and home insurer The esure Group offers coverage under the Sheilas’ Wheels and esure brands. Esure has a network of motor repairers that handle more than 90% of their unintentional damage claims, and employs over 700 specialists at its UK-based claim centers to oversee claims.

8. RSA:

Royal & Sun Alliance offers car insurance under the More Th>n name. They sold more than £600 million worth of auto policies in 2021, placing them eighth on the list of biggest auto insurance providers—although they sell far more house insurance policies. Another business that ensures policies for numerous other brands and its own is RSA. For instance, RSA provides insurance coverage for companies like ingenie and Clydesdale Bank.

9. Ageas:

Another well-known auto insurer that you’ll notice listed on comparison websites is Ageas. Since they are concentrating on integrating AI into the claims process, they report that requests for motor policy approval have decreased from 2-3 hours to 2-3 minutes and are now available 24/7, which has a favorable effect on client satisfaction levels. Ageas covers 3.9 million personal motor clients in the UK, which may be why it has one of the highest Trustpilot ratings in the Group.

10. NFU Mutual:

NFU Mutual, which serves drivers in rural areas of the nation, is quite different from the other companies on the list of the biggest UK car insurance providers. It doesn’t offer online quotes and is owned by policyholders rather than shareholders. It has more than 300 offices nationwide, a network of more than 650 agents, and a UK-based call center to handle quotes, inquiries, and claims. I hope you read above article with all details about Best Auto Insurance Companies in United Kingdom.

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