Best Auto Insurance for Seniors in USA 2023

Best Auto Insurance for Seniors in USA: After age 60, car insurance costs increase for drivers, but that doesn’t mean seniors can’t get affordable insurance. We discovered that State Farm, which has some of the most affordable rates in the nation, offers the best auto insurance for most seniors. Our selection for the top insurance for older AARP members is The Hartford. Hartford offers exclusive savings and a few extra benefits to senior citizens who are AARP members. We are sharing Best Auto Insurance for Seniors in USA in this article.

Comparing prices from different companies is the most straightforward way for seniors to obtain the finest (and lowest) auto insurance. You may do this safely and for no cost with the aid of Policygenius.

Best Auto Insurance for Seniors in USA in 2023

State Farm:

Our choice for the finest senior auto insurance is State Farm. Senior drivers pay an average of $90 per month for full coverage auto insurance from State Farm. Compared to the average cost for all seniors, there is a $491 annual savings.

In addition to offering seniors affordable prices on vehicle insurance, State Farm provides trustworthy customer service and has faced significantly fewer claims from customers over the years than some of its rivals. If you have inquiries about your policy or require assistance with a claim, it’s simple to contact State Farm’s network of close to 20,000 agents.

State Farm has a few handy ways to customize a policy, even though it doesn’t offer many coverage add-ons (gap insurance for leased or financed automobiles is not accessible). Emergency roadside assistance and coverage for a substitute rental automobile while yours is being repaired are two examples of optional coverage.

The Hartford:

Hartford and AARP have a partnership to offer senior automobile insurance just to members. Seniors can receive a few free extra benefits for coverage from The Hartford, including:

replaces your totaled vehicle with a new vehicle of the same year, make, and model. Assistance following an accident: Hartford’s RecoverCare policy provides $2,500 in coverage for supplemental costs. This money can be spent on transportation, home upkeep, pet care, and food preparation.

For a fee, drivers can buy extra coverage and perks like rental car reimbursement after an accident, disappearing deductibles, roadside assistance, and accident forgiveness.

Although Hartford doesn’t offer the most affordable insurance rates for seniors, it is only $9 more expensive annually than the national average. Additionally, you might be eligible for further reductions, such as savings for paying for your auto insurance all at once or bundling your plans.


We discovered that MAPFRE offers the most affordable senior auto insurance prices out of any organization. The average monthly premium for drivers over 60 is $77 ($929 annually), which is $642 less than the national average.

If senior drivers on a tight budget and seeking the lowest rates are eligible for some of MAPFRE’s available discounts, their auto insurance rates could be reduced even further. Senior drivers could save money with MAPFRE by:

  • driving fewer miles per year than usual
  • the adoption of paperless billing
  • driving safely by avoiding collisions
  • taking a course on defensive driving
  • Purchasing MotionSmart insurance from MAPFRE

Additionally, drivers can enhance their insurance coverage with accident forgiveness, disappearing deductibles, emergency roadside assistance, and rental car reimbursement. Although MAPFRE is the most reasonably priced auto insurance provider for seniors, it isn’t offered everywhere.


USAA offers the finest insurance for elderly service veterans. Veterans and their families can insure their vehicles with USAA for an average monthly cost of $81 ($969 annually). This is almost as affordable as MAPFRE at $602 less than the national average.

With USAA’s discounts, there are numerous chances to save money, including up to 10% off for bundling homeowners and auto insurance. USAA also provides discounts for reduced mileage and safe driving. Seniors can benefit from low rates from USAA, as well as well-regarded customer service. In the J.D. Power 2021 Claims Satisfaction Study, USAA outperformed 18 other rivals and received the highest score.


Auto insurance is notoriously expensive in Florida. However, if you’re one of the 4.5 million seniors who reside in Florida, GEICO may provide you with the most affordable auto insurance. GEICO offers auto insurance to senior citizens in Florida for $164 per month or $2,197 less annually than the state’s average.

In addition to offering the lowest premiums for seniors residing in Florida, GEICO offers several incentives that can help seniors save even more money, such as cheaper premiums for motorists who served in the military or the federal government before retiring.

Which firm offers the most affordable vehicle insurance for seniors?

MAPFRE offers the most affordable auto insurance for seniors, costing just $77 a month on average. However, MAPFRE insurance is only offered in 19 states. State Farm offers low-cost auto insurance for seniors who desire cheaper rates from a bigger company or who don’t live in an area where MAPFRE provides coverage. It is the most affordable option for the majority of senior citizens.

The Department of Veterans Affairs reports that 37% of veterans are 65 years or older. Veterans of the armed forces are most likely to get affordable senior auto insurance through USAA.

Who offers the most affordable vehicle insurance for seniors of all ages?

No of their age—60, 65, or 70—senior drivers can find the cheapest auto insurance with MAPFRE. The same five suppliers continue to be the least expensive companies, despite our discovery that the prices of the cheapest companies alter as a driver ages.

Seniors’ automobile insurance at the lowest rates across all states:

In 20 states, according to our data, USAA has the lowest average premiums for senior drivers, and GEICO is the cheapest in 11.

Still, older drivers typically pay less for car insurance than younger ones. However, if you reside in a state where auto insurance premiums are already high, you can obtain affordable rates by comparing quotes from multiple companies before choosing a policy. I hope you get a full explain related to Best Auto Insurance for Seniors in the USA above article.

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