Best Document-Scanning Apps on Android & iOS 2023

A friend of mine needed to scan some documents and upload them online. Then he came to me for help, and after helping him, it hit me that a lot of you might need this too. The article is all about the best document-scanning apps. As we all know that in today’s world, our smartphones can virtually do everything.

This means with the help of the best document-scanning apps, you can use your phone to scan documents instead of using traditional scanners. Which is fast and clear. These apps to scan documents give you the freedom to scan documents anywhere you find yourself.

These apps also come with more features that will make you love them. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get to it.

Top 10 Best Document-Scanning Apps For Android & iOS


CamScanner is the first app on our list of the best document scanner apps. The app comes with the ability to convert your smartphone into an excellent, portable scanner with automatic text recognition (OCR). With this feature, CamScanner can increase your productivity at work.

The CamScanner app presents you with the ability to scan, save and share any document in various formats. The app is also suitable for students and those involve in small businesses. You can scan anything you must, such as receipts, notes, agreement letters, certificates, and more. What’s more, fun is that you get to choose the format you want to save it to.

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JotNot Pro

JotNot Pro is another easy-to-use app for scanning documents. The app allows you to scan PD files without any form of problem. It also can scan contracts, contracts, recipes, photos, business cards, notes, sheet music, sketches, and much more. The app is only available on iOS devices and saves any scanned document in PDF and JPF formats. It provides a hassle-free, quicker way to scan your files.

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Microsoft Office Len

Microsoft’s Office Lens is an OK document-scanning app from Microsoft. The app is suitable for both business and academic purposes. This app does more than just scan documents. It boasts high-quality receipts, whiteboards, sketches, business cards, notes, and other items. Any document you scan is saved to Microsoft OneNote for later reference. The Microsoft Office Lens app also features other simplified languages like Chinese, Spanish, and more. The app is free to install and use. However, it is good you know that it works well with a Microsoft subscription.

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Genius Scan

Genius Scan is another good app on our list of best document-scanning apps. The app allows you to scan and save in PDF and JPG formats. The Genius Scan app allows you to scan documents multiple times which helps save time. Additionally, it offers different page layouts. Other qualities of the app include high-quality scan enhancements, perspective correction, and smart page detection.

And if you are the type that always deletes the document after use, this app always keeps a backup just in case you might need it. The Genius Scan app is compatible with various devices which makes it one of the best for document scanning.

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Turbo Scan

The TurboScan app does a little differently than the other best document-scanning apps on the list. The app comes with a feature called SureScan3X. This feature enables the app to take three pictures on the same page rather than the usual one for a better result.

Also, you can send the scanned files to your email account automatically. Other features include Cloud Print, the ability to automatically correct any scan errors, and saving scans as JPG, PDF, and PNG. It is available on both Android and iOS devices.

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Adobe Scan

Adobe is a household name in the Office world and Adobe scan is gradually making name for itself. Like most apps on our list, you can scan documents and receipts. It also has color presets so tiny that, if necessary, the document can be made more readable.

When you download this app on your device, you have access to scanned documents as needed. If you want, you can send them via email or store a backup of them online. The ability to convert documents to PDF is another feature that might impress you. Although the app doesn’t come with many features, it is still one of the best document-scanning apps around.

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Handy Scanner

Handy Scanner app is a portable scanning app that comes with needed advanced features to help you get a nice scan. Additionally, it supports batch scanning, allowing you to scan several documents at once. Also, the app will enable you to upload the scanned file to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other well-known cloud services. It also has a helpful backup and restores feature. High-quality scans, unlimited camera shots, and image editing features are all top features you will enjoy when you move to the pro version of the app.

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Clear Scan

Clear Scan is another portable scan app with lots of cloud storage support. The app gives you the ability to convert between PDF and JPEG files. This help makes the app more than a scanning app. Other features of the app include editing options, organizational features, and lots more. Overall, I think I love the quick scanning speed and the scan quality. The editing features are also great. Almost everything on the app is free, however, some of the features will require you to pay for them.

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Fast Scanner

The next document-scanning app on our list of best document-scanning apps is the fast scanner. The app does everything a normal scanning app will do. In addition to that, it comes with editing tools to make it more functional. It also features cloud printing. The free version allows you to only scan a limited amount of documents. However, you can undo this by going pro.

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Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is one document-scanning app you should have on your phone. It helps scan and save files as PDF files, which you can use later. And if you want to store on the cloud, the app supports a majority of the cloud services around. Additionally, the owners have a fax app, which means that when you are done scanning, you can easily fax the files. The app is generally a nice app for anyone.

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