Best Keyboard Apps For Android Phones 2022

Best Keyboard apps for Android. Some of the most important apps on our phones are keyboard apps, but we rarely think to replace them. When you receive a new phone, you’ll likely start switching out the stock apps with some of the greatest Android apps. But you’ll probably forget about your keyboard. It can be the ideal moment to switch your keyboard if you intend to get one of the greatest Android smartphones.

We’ve compiled a list of the best keyboard app for Android so you can try something new. Having more than one Keyboard on your Android isn’t bad you know. But that depends on what you use your keyboard for. I have two keyboards, the Gboard for easy typing and Grammarly for grammatical corrections.

I have seen those who love colorful keyboard apps because of the beauty it adds to the screen. No matter your reason for choosing a keyboard app, having one that meets your need is what’s best. The following is the list of keyboard apps for Android users. So those searching for the top keyboard app can easily select from the list below.

Top 10 Keyboard Apps for Android phones

1. SwiftKey

The best keyboard app we are starting with is Microsoft Swiftkey. To avoid annoying autocorrections, Microsoft’s Swiftkey keyboard help to learn how you type. And then it picks up slang and nicknames you use constantly. Although it takes some time to start going, it can be the ideal answer if you reject autocorrect suggestions.

Swiftkey offers everything a contemporary keyboard should have in addition to this. It offers numerous themes and compatibility with more than 700 languages. You also get Emoji and GIF searches, and multiple keyboard themes. Even if its translation features aren’t as strong as Gboard’s, they’re still a great choice. The Swiftkey is ideal for those who desire to change their default Android keyboard.

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2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a two-in-one keyboard. The keyboard app also helps enhance your writing skills. With the keyboard, you can use Grammarly’s writing advice anywhere you’re typing. The Grammarly keyboard has fewer capabilities than some other keyboards, aside from its writing tools. There is a keyboard for emojis, but that is about it. Grammarly might be the ideal keyboard for you if you don’t use the majority of Gboard’s features and don’t care about GIFs. Grammarly Premium gives more writing guidance than the other best keyboard apps for Android, even if you don’t have it.

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3. Font keyboards

Another keyboard app for Android users is the Font Keyboard. The Fonts Keyboard fills that need for a fun keyboard sometimes. It allows you to express yourself using a variety of fonts. You can change fonts by using its swipeable menu feature. Fonts Keyboard is a little gimmicky and doesn’t have as many capabilities as it should. Even while it works with many apps, occasionally an app may face an unexpected symbol and encounter difficulties. However, it generally functions without any problems.

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4. Gboard

Gboard is one of the most popular keyboards for Android. The reasons why Gboard has dominated the Android keyboard market are obvious. Its fantastic predictions are possible by machine learning, simple access to gifs and sticker packs, and many more. Gboard is compatible with all smartphones. This keyboard app has all the features you need. The themes on Gboard are still not as many or stylish as those on other keyboards. But they look fine. Additionally, Gboard now allows users to create their gifs. The best part is that Gboard doesn’t cloak any features or options behind paywalls or ads.

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5. Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard has seen some ups and downs, but things now appear to be settling down. When it had new owners, one of the most well-liked Android keyboards that had previously been available fell out of favor. The app’s responsiveness has improved in recent years. Also, the Material You-style theming that changes color depending on the app you’re using is still present. Additionally, there is support for emojis, a GIF search, and motion typing. Themes can grow pricey, and there are some issues with word correction and gesture typing. Although the keyboard app might come with a few issues, it is still one of the best keyboard apps for any Android device.

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6. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

The Facemoji Emoji Keyboard gives a little more attention to keyboard customization than to its core functionality. It also does a respectable job of it. There are 5,000 emojis, emoticons, stickers, and other similar items supported by the app. You can easily use gifs also. Additional features of the app are 1,500 themes, 50 fonts, a gaming mode for various mobile games, and more. Power users may not like the typing features. The functionality is adequate, and it has the essentials. However, it is not as awesome as most of the best keyboard apps on the list.

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7. Fleksy

One of the most widely used Android keyboards is Fleksy. It has all the essential components, such as swipe and motion controls. It also supports online searches, GIFs and memes, themes, extensions, and more. There are free themes available. However, some also have a price tag. Do not panic, they are not too pricey. The majority of in-app purchases are only themes, and the keyboard is completely free.

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8. Multiling O Keyboard

The only place to go if you require various languages is Multiling O Keyboard. To amaze you, the keyboard app supports over 200 languages. Which we believe is more than every other Android keyboard. You’ll also receive greater language support and gesture typing. You also get the option to set up a keyboard layout similar to that on a PC, keyboard scaling. And repositioning, themes, emojis, different layouts, and the crucial number row. For those of you multilingual people out there, it’s a potent choice. Language support is expanding across keyboards. But Multiling does it better than anyone else.

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9. Typewise Custom Keyboard

A fairly good keyboard is Typewise Custom Keyboard. The app uses a honeycomb-patterned keyboard instead of the normal keyboard pattern we are familiar with. The keyboard’s creator said that the app is for thumb typing and has keys that are larger than typical to make it easier to press them. The keyboard is completely offline-compatible and has no dubious permissions.

The keyboard layout is the main topic here, though. Either you adjust to it and love it, or you don’t and detest it. Between those doesn’t seem to be anything. If you’d prefer something a little more conventional, there is a QWERTY mode that is optional. Overall, it’s a fine keyboard and a good choice for those who wish to try something different.

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10. Simple Keyboard

The simplest Android keyboard on the list of best keyboard apps for Android is Simple Keyboard. The keyboard has a few personalization options, and a few themes are all part of that. It can only vibrate with the one permission granted, which is for haptic feedback when typing. If you simply want a straightforward, simple keyboard, this is the one you want.

Additionally, it is open-source and free of adverts, premium features, and in-app purchases. In terms of permissions, it merely needs the very minimum. Make sure you’re okay with giving up the features of keyboards from more recent generations. You’ll have to decide which one you like because this one is much simpler than most Android keyboards

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It’s worthwhile to try something else even if you’re content using your regular keyboard. Since everyone uses their phones differently, it’s doubtful that your default app is the most effective one for you. However, you can still install any of the best keyboard apps, so you can switch keyboards whenever you are tired of the default one.

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