Best Screen Recording Apps For Android & iPhones

Most of the time your smartphone always comes with a screen recording feature but at times you might not get in on some smartphones or you need an extra method or apps with an extra feature this is why we select the best screen recording apps. For those who are conversant with tutorial videos on YouTube, you see a lot of tutors recording their screens. They do that to get you to see all they are doing.
However, have you ever thought about how to record this way on your smartphone? Typically, you can use one of these best screen recording apps to also record your phone screen. Just as an update, even smartphones under $200 come with screen recording features.
The apps help save you a lot of stress trying to explain things to others. With your screen being recorded, the learner or the person you are trying to explain to gets the step-by-step of everything you’re doing. Let’s save the talking, below are the best screening recording apps for both Android and iOS.

Top 10 Best Screen Recording Apps on Android and iOS

1. Mobizen
Mobizen is one of the most popular screen recording apps around. It has practically all of the features you might anticipate from a screen recorder. The ability to stream live is the best feature of this recorder. You may broadcast your games live with this. The screen recorder is very simple to operate. The quality, resolution, and frame rate are all adjustable.
After recording, you can modify the video using the app. You can also edit the video with an intro and an outro. Also, you can add background music to the video. Both facecam and sound recording work simultaneously. It is fantastic for capturing games on mobile devices. Up to 1440p, it offers excellent video quality. A few tutorials are available for beginners to walk them through each feature and tool of the application. You only need to download the app to get started.
Download on Android and iOS

2. Quicktime

QuickTime is Apple’s exclusive video player. It is only available on iOS devices. You can create videos with high-quality audio using QuickTime by configuring the recording settings and using external audio recorders. The app has an excellent interface and you can record the screen of your phone without any stress.
Download on  iOS

3. Screen Recorder

Another top app on our list of best screen recording apps is Screen Recorder. The app comes with ab easy to use interface. A crucial feature for individuals who work with lengthy explainer videos or tutorials is the ability to record videos for an unlimited amount of time. To prevent the internal gallery of the app from becoming overloaded, you need to take care. The free version of Screen Recorder does not support audio recording. The premium version will cost you a few dollars but it comes with more advanced features.
Download on Android and iOS

4. OneShot

OneShot is a straightforward app for screen recording and video recording. Beginners who only wish to capture their displays will find it ideal. You can record your own voice because it has the ability to simultaneously record the audio and the screen. The application is incredibly user-friendly. To begin recording, press the record button. To stop recording at any time, either shake your phone or touch the stop button. You can edit the video once you’re done recording. You can trim the video’s ends, then save the file to the gallery.
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5. XRecorder
XRecorder is another fantastic app for screening recording available for Android users only. Some users tag it as a complete screen recorder because of the features it had. You can start recording by tapping the record button, but it can stop recording by just shaking the phone. In addition, you can add a delay before you start the recording.
The app also allows you to customize resolution, frame rate, recording quality, and more. One good thing is that the app captures both internal and external voices and adds them to the video. The ability to toggle on and off face recording is the nicest feature. You can also use the app to create GIFs too.
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6. Unlimited Screen Record

You can record any content from your phone with Unlimited Screen Record without a time restriction. And with the opportunity to choose the number of frames per second. Recording resolution and orientation, which can be either horizontal or vertical, are other parameters that are available. Additionally, the app contains common tools like an external gallery and an audio recorder. It is one of the best screen recording apps you can lay your hands on.
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7. Rec

Another app we got on the list is Rec. It is an excellent app for making lengthy, high-quality videos. It has an hour of recording time. You can choose the size, bitrate, length, and audio before the recording begins. Additionally, your settings are kept as presets so you may access them later.
After a timer that you can change, the recording begins. While recording, you can minimize the app. The best feature, which makes this recorder useful for creating tutorials, is that it can also show touches on the screen in the video recording. Be aware that some functions are only accessible in the premium version. Rec is only available to Android users.
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8. AZ Screen Recorder

One of the best screen recording apps we also have on the list is AZ Screen Recorder. It has several incredible features you won’t find in many other applications. You can use it to record videos from social media sites. It is a high-quality video recorder, therefore it can firstly record HD videos. You can choose the preferred resolution and frame rate. You can also record videos with internal sound.
Using Facecam, you can also capture your face while capturing the screen. As a result, it is appropriate for documenting gameplay and tutorials. In a tiny window, your face will also be visible. It has a video editor that allows users to quickly edit videos by cropping, trimming, rotating, and editing the audio. The app’s Livestream is yet another crucial function. You can broadcast your screen to well-known social media sites.
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9. Lollipop Screen Recorder

Lollipop Screen Recorder generally offers a relatively straightforward user interface and few sophisticated recording features. However, you may alter the camera’s position and use the app’s built-in voice recorder. But be mindful. Lollipop Screen Recorder only functions on smartphones running Androids. Even for the Androids, the version has to be from 5 and above. it is one of the simplest apps on the list.
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10. Telecine

Telecine is a straightforward yet highly effective app that has a lot of helpful and simple functions. One of them is the choice of showing or hiding notifications that you might receive on your phone while the recording was taking place. In addition to protecting your privacy, this enables you to stop your messages from interfering with your tutorial. After you finish your recording, you may easily access the internal gallery and audio commands that are also included in the app. And it’s all totally free.
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We know there are a lot of screen recording apps out there, but we selected these 10 due to the functionalities they possess. Although they are all capable of doing the task, you must choose the one that will meet your demands the best. You can consider the features and decide which is better. Some of these apps allow you to edit the video and improve quality after recording. That’s it for now.

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