Intel vs AMD: Which is Better For You?

There has been great talk about these two rivals: Intel vs AMD in the tech community. This great rivalry between the two champs has spawned competition between Intel vs AMD. As tech enthusiasts, we always want to know what is the best choice for your next processor. It has not been a surprise that previous years favor Intel over its competition but this year AMD has a few tricks up its sleeve. So here is everything you need about which is the best one for you?

Intel vs AMD: The Ultimate

DDR4 & DDR5 Support

The big advantage for Intel is that its most recent processor is still compatible with DDR4 ram so if you still have a huge ram available (32GB/64GB RAM). Well, going with Intel will be your best choice.

AMD’s recent processor lacks DDR4 support but can actually support DDR5.

wondering if Intel’s recent Processor supports DDR5? Yes, it Does.

Talking about the speed of DDR5 in Intel vs AMD, They support it but Intel does better than AMD. You get higher clock speeds and more mature performance.


When it comes to these two powerful processors, The recent AMD Ryzen 7000 series is only compatible with motherboards that support DDR5 ram slots. so if you got those old motherboards and want to get the 7000 series you have to get a new board.

For Intel 13 series, It supports your previous motherboards for its DDR4 compatibility.


One of the major advantages of Intel’s recent processor, it supports Thunderbolt and USB 4, unlike AMD which is a  very rear feature.


Generally, with everything you have on the Intel part, you can hit higher clock speed with the memory on DDR5. With intel DDR5 transfer speed runs to 7600 Megabytes Per Second which is impossible for AMD.

when it comes to performance, with intel core i9, its strength is in its high-boost clock speed and Multi-threaded performance against the AMD series. If you want something with good multi-thread and boost speed, intel is the best.

AMD has a better performance in the core workload than Intel, it has more performance core in its built than Intel. Pairing an AMD CPU + AMD GPU gets you better performance than with an Nvidia PU.


AMD promises that the sock compatibility will last for maybe 3 to 5 generations, unlike Intel which we might end with the 13 series. with AMD long support, you can make use of it for a really long time and will save you money over time.


AMD is a bit higher starting at a lunch price of $699 and Intel starting at $589 but in the nearest future, we expect some price cuts to these CPUs.


The competition between AMD and Intel has had no victory. These good companies have good products that cater to consumers’ needs and budgets. Intel gives better ram support, connectivity, and high clocking speed, while AMD processors offer better performance with their GPUs and offer a better core workload. Finally, choosing all depend on your preference and needs.


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