Tecno Phantom V fold Features: The Ultimate Foldable Device

This is the most intriguing foldable phone on the planet, called the Tecno Phantom V fold. Two fascinating reasons about this phone:

  • The first foldable that Tecno has ever made.
  • The first fully-fledged foldable ever to be priced at a thousand dollars, the same price as most normal Flagship phones and $700 less than the Samsung Z fold 4.

Here are the incredible things it does that make it far better than it has any right to be:

Tecno Phantom V-fold Features

10. Unboxing

You might be wondering if they save costs by removing a few items from the box. This comes with

  • A case
  • The cable and
  • 45-watt charging brick which is more than I can say for most top flagship phones.

9. Perception Wallpaper

Tecno Phantom V-fold Features one of the intelligent wallpaper called perception wallpapers. The wallpaper is completely 3D from a top-down view on the lock screen. This feature also works all the way into the scene when unlocked, scrolling, and even wobbling the phone.

8. Tecno Phantom V-fold Foldable Features

They’ve taken their time to introduce some genuinely good  foldable features:

  • A floating window for apps that you can drag around anywhere from the top and then resize from the bottom.
  • When you are using an app. You can tap the top to quickly flick between all the possible ways to display the app to best use the big screen.
  • You use gestures to quickly open apps or swipe to control your music even when it’s on standby. Using an app,  swiping down with three fingers takes a full screenshot of the large screen. while holding with three fingers takes a partial screenshot of a specific section.
  • There’s a smart panel that lets you quickly fiddle with settings or open apps.
  • Smart Touch: this means that holding a finger on either side of the screen will scan for all text and let you edit and copy it.
  • You can always see your three most recent apps on your dock.
  • When you rotate it gives you the option to flick the entire interface and apps to landscape mode.

7. Social Mode

Hidden in the setting, this Tecno Phantom V-fold features is suggested to enhance your social life called social turbo. This  Feature only works for WhatsApp but will support more apps in an upcoming update. The feature lets you:

  • Project your WhatsApp calls onto both sides of the phone.
  • It gives you the option to record calls, change your voice or even toggle a switch to make you look better during video calls.
  • You can make your phone flash for incoming WhatsApp call
  • Peak mode: A sneaky feature that collects all incoming WhatsApp messages into a separate part of the phone. This allows you to fully see the contents without opening the app and the sender is not aware you’ve seen them.

6. Screen

They’re definitely not better than the absolute best foldable available. There is some fall-off with steep viewing angles,  but they don’t feel given the price.

The inside and the outside screens use OLED that runs 120hz refresh rates. Both have completely symmetrical borders around them which makes the perfect.

5. Curve Display

The inner screen is flat as expected. The front screen has this significant curve and it counteracts the inconvenience of folding phones being so thick when folded. It makes it easy for your thumb to glide in when you want to activate the back gesture.

4. Processor

It’s running a chipset by MediaTek. This chip is the Dimensity 9000+, which can actually juggle three separate apps at the same time with no performance dip. In terms of benchmarks, gaming on it put it in between the flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. The chip supports dual SIM, but two separate 5G Sims at the same time.

3. Camera

It has the foldable perk of being able to flip the phone around and use its main set of rear cameras to also take selfies.

Using the rear set of cameras for selfies, you get full features like:

  • Ultra-wide selfies and portrait mode selfies using the dedicated portrait mode lens on the back of this phone.
  • You can take proper 4K video on the front.

if you’re taking a photo or video of someone else you can turn on rear screen previews so that they can see what you’re seeing.

2. Tecno Phantom V-fold Camera Features

The camera can take selfies that are even wider than your ultrawide camera using what they’re calling wide selfie mode. To do this:

  • Hit the shutter button
  • Move your phone around and it really smartly stitches it all together into one enormous really high-quality shot.

Shooting a video with the camera makes it to be brighter, it takes advantage of the space on the inside to turn it into a continuous video loop.

The common about this phone is it maximizes the hardware that it does have.

Smart Beauty settings

This help adds digital makeup to your photos. Taking close-up shots of your face you get a set of options like skin tone, eye enlargement, nose slimming, and more. When you’re taking photos of a full body, you unlock the second set of options like slimming the waist, lengthening the legs, and more.

1. Tecno Phantom V-fold Features: Battery

The most important feature of a phone. It comes with a 5000mAh battery which is larger than Samsung’s foldable and Xiaomi’s foldable. It can be fully charged in 55 minutes


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