Top 10 Blogging Apps For Bloggers in 2023

Are you a blogger in search of the best blogging apps? Then read on to get the best blogging apps for bloggers. One of the greatest eras of all time is the age of smartphones. These smartphones have helped make our day-to-day activities easy. With our phones, we can do virtually everything which includes blogging.

With these apps on your phone, you can write and post content on your blog. And as for those who are always on the road, these best blogging apps can help you keep up to date with your viewers. As a blogger myself, I know the importance of releasing new articles to those who need them.

You might not be always with your PC if an idea of content comes to your head, but your phone is always there. So you can use your phone to create and upload. let me not keep you waiting, let’s go check the best blogging apps for bloggers.

Top 10 Blogging Apps For Bloggers

1. Blogger

One of the best and must-have apps blogging apps for those who blog with phones is Blogger. This app is a useful resource for updating your blog while you’re on the road. You can manage comments, update posts, and create posts all from your smartphone. Since the Blogger app is a Google product, logging in with just your Google credentials is simple.

It has a useful feature for experts in that it enables you to manage numerous blogs at once. The app’s ease of use for formatting posts with Markdown is one of its strongest features. Markdown is a straightforward method for adding simple formatting, such as headings and lists, without learning HTML.

You can also insert photos and videos using the app from the camera roll on your phone. The app’s interaction with Google Analytics is another fantastic feature. This enables you to determine the number of blog visitors and the most popular blog content. The app also allows you to reply to comments, which is a fantastic way to interact with your audience.

Download on Android and iOS

 2. WordPress

The official WordPress and Blogger applications make it simple for you to write and publish an article with your phone. Which means you can write and publish articles anywhere. Without a computer, you may modify and publish new posts. This will be useful for bloggers who have no access to computers or bloggers who are always on the road. You may view statistics and other information directly from your smartphone with the WordPress app. We know there are many apps for writing blog posts, but the official apps are always trustworthy.

Download on Android and iOS

3. Canva

For bloggers and other digital creatives, Canva is an excellent editing app with a ton of options. You can create a lot of files using this platform for your project or blog. On Canva, editing images is as easy as dragging and dropping. Canva is a great option for you if you want to keep to a template for your blog or social media pages. Both their website and app offer a ton of functionality. I recently started using this app, and I can say it has helped out a lot. For blog images, let the canvas app help you with that.

Download on Android and iOS

4. Tumblr

Another top blogging app for you is Tumblr. Although I don’t use it some colleagues speak highly of the app. You can easily upload fresh content, reply to blog comments, and keep up with the most recent information in your niche with the Tumbler app. The app also includes a ton of helpful features that make it simple to change the appearance and functionality of your blog from your phone.

Along with quotations and articles, you may also upload images, audio, videos, links, and videos. Additionally, you can make your GIFs. If you want to check your statistics dashboard to see how well your blog is performing. Or make quick tweaks to photographs before uploading them, the Tumblr phone app has you covered. Overall, it’s an excellent blogging app for mobile bloggers.

Download on Android and iOS

5. Google Analytics

The most widely used app for monitoring website visitor statistics is Google Analytics. You can use it to get a general concept of user interest, traffic based on location, and other data analytics capabilities. Utilizing preset reports for different period ranges, you may check analytics and real-time users on the website. Additionally, you can make a custom report and add it to your dashboard for convenient viewing. It’s one of the must-have blogging apps for any blogger.

Download on Android and iOS

6. BlogTouch

BlogTouch app is one blogging app that allows you to do all you can do on your computer. The app has a simple, intuitive layout and a ton of features that make it a useful tool for any blogger. You may quickly upload photographs and videos, see metrics, schedule articles, and regulate comments. Additionally, it allows geo-tagging and interacts seamlessly with your social networking sites. The app also has a useful search feature that enables you to browse postings by keyword or tag. For every blogger who wishes to manage their blog from anywhere, a BlogTouch app is a must-have tool.

Download on iOS

7. Grammarly Keyboard

On a personal note, this blogging app has saved me a lot. The Grammarly keyboard help to correct any kind of grammatical errors in your post. As bloggers, we know that an article full of errors won’t go down well. So this app help suggests, correct, and also helps in correct punctuation placement. Mobile bloggers who constantly have issues with errors should install this app. It will help save you a lot of time when editing your post.

8. Any.Do

The app is an efficient tool for controlling productivity and blogging chores from your phone. Your to-do list, planner, calendar, and reminders are all located in one spot. This program includes everything you need to remain on top of your blogging responsibilities with a drag-and-drop function that lets you plan your day.

Whether you need to schedule post-publishing dates or manage daily word counts. is simple to use and aids in maintaining your attention on what matters thanks to its elegant, minimalist design and clear user interface. Other useful apps like Evernote, Gmail, etc are also integrated into the app.

Download on Android and iOS

9. Evernote

One of the most well-liked writing and note-taking tools for bloggers is Evernote. It facilitates quick and simple thought and idea organization while you’re on the go thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive design. Evernote makes it simple to manage text, screenshots, photos, and audio in one handy spot. Whether you’re penning a post, saving a link, recording a voice memo, creating a reminder, or taking a photo of something fascinating. This app is ideal for bloggers who prefer to stay organized, as it offers excellent search tools and a variety of sharing possibilities.

Download on Android and iOS

10. Upwork

A client app for recruiting independent contractors and managing work agreements while on the go. To find the appropriate jobs offered by hiring managers, freelancers can utilize Upwork. You can post jobs, hire freelancers, review submissions, approve, and pay promptly via the client app. When you are managing numerous freelance writers to manage content on your site, this is quite helpful.

The best aspect is that you can choose to pay an hourly rate or a fixed sum per article or word count, depending on your needs. You can use the messaging tool in the app to interview and hire writers for your blog. In general, this app is one good app for bloggers that are seeking writers to hire.

Download on Android and iOS


The top 10 blogging apps listed above should have provided a general notion of the apps required for managing your blog. Depending on your needs, you might need all of the apps or just a few. Take the list as your guide and search the Google Play store or Apple store for any other apps that you need for your blog. Always be sure to investigate the app’s reputation before downloading it. Because maintaining the security of your site is crucial. If this post has helped you do well share it also.

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