Top 7 Alarm Apps For Heavy Sleepers In 2023

Getting up from bed to do my morning routine is always very difficult, so I went to look for help. In the search for a solution is where I encountered these best alarm apps for heavy sleepers.

I know we all have an alarm clock on our phones, but as good as that is, a single tap on the snooze button solves the solution of going back to bed. Having to try out these best alarm apps for heavy sleepers, I found it’s more effective than the usual alarm clock we are used to.

To make the alarm tone stop, you will need to solve a maths problem for some you will need to take a picture of a specific place in your room.

By doing this, you would have jumped off your bed. I know the apps can be annoying but they did the job for me and make me keep up from sleep and do my morning routine.

If you think you need help to get up from bed by using an alarm app, I urge you to continue to read.

Top 7 Alarm Apps For Heavy Sleepers In 2023

Alarm Clock For Me

Alarm Clock For Me is one of the best alarm apps for heavy sleepers that is both free and flexible. This app comes with good features that make it start on our list. With the app installed on your device, you get to enjoy white noise for sleeping, unlimited alarms, diverse choices of alarm sounds to choose from, and many more.

In addition, the app comes with tons of themes from which you can choose if you desire to change the alarming theme. You also add a weather forecast or change the clock settings if you want.

The app is so awesome, it gives you the freedom to select the way you of the alarm. You can do this by answering a maths question or shaking your phone. The app is available for both Android and iPhones.

Download on Android and iOS

Alarm Clock HD

The Alarm Clock HD is a multi-functional app that comes with a neon green interface which you can change to any other color if you dislike it. The alarm app does more than just wake you up. If you having trouble sleeping, the sleep timer with music will help you fall asleep fast. You can set unlimited alarms if you want to.

That’s not all, the alarm app also doubles as a flashlight when you shake it. It comes with other features you would love. The app comes with an in-app purchase which helps you enjoy more advanced features. Mind you this app is only compatible with iOS devices, which means it won’t work on Android phones.

Download on  iOS

Progressive Alarm Clock

Progressive Alarm Clock is another alarm clock that’s only compatible with iOS devices. If you are a heavy sleeper, this is one app you need to wake you to consciousness. As the name suggests, it progressively increases the sound of the alarm until you get up.

The app offers you the liberty to choose from its 6 different bowls with each having different varying levels of bass, tremble, and overtones. The progressive alarm clock app also doubles as a meditation app. Which means you can use it to relax and meditate when stressed.

Download on iOS


Alarmy is one app that will make any heavy sleeper roll out of their bed. That’s why it’s being tagged the World’s Most Annoying Alarm Clock. The app is truly annoying but when you think about it, it’s just doing its job. When you set an alarm, to put it off, you will have to perform a different task before the alarm goes off.

The task might be solving a maths problem, shaking the phone, or taking pictures of different locations in your home. Before you’re done with the task, your eyes are already awake. The app is not for everyone, but for those who constantly hit the snooze button anytime an alarm clock wakes them up.

Download on Android and iOS

Sleep As Android

Another nice alarm app we have on our list of best alarm apps for heavy sleepers is this one. Sleep As Android comes with two functionalities. It works as a smart alarm clock and also studies and analyzes your sleep patterns. It does this by using a sonar contactless ultrasonic sleep tracking system.

The helps to track your deep sleep percentage, sleep duration, deficit, and sleeping irregularities. The app works with Samsung Health to help give tips on how to improve your sleep circle. It’s also compatible with Play Music and Spotify to get music for your alarm. It’s only available on Android and comes with an in-app purchase.

Download on Android and iOS

Wake Me Up

Wake Me Up is another top alarm app for those who are too attached to their beds. If you are a sleepyhead like me, you need this app. The only way you can dismiss the alarm is if you stand up from your sleep and walk around. I know you will be thinking let me fake it, sorry to disappoint you, but the Wake Me Up app counts the steps you make so it will be sure you aren’t faking it.

How it works. When you set the alarm, the app allows you to set the number of times you can hit the snooze button. You can also choose to enable the evil mode which eliminates the snooze button. In addition, you will need to tell the app the number of steps to take, or else the alarm won’t go off. The app is really good and it’s one of the best apps on our list of best alarm apps for heavy sleepers.

Download on Android

I Can’t Wake Up

I can’t wake up is one alarm app that will get you up from sleep whether you love it or not. The app comes with a lot of tasks that will force you to get up from bed. The task here involves both mental and physical tasks. To put off the alarm, you will need to solve a maths problem.

Not only that it gives you an option of solving both memory and logic problems. Other options include shaking the phone, scanning barcodes, writing some words, etc. But the best feature is a feature called to repeat the sequence. You get a sequence and the app forces you to repeat the sequence till you get up from sleep.

Apart from that I Can’t Wake Up is a nice app, you get to customize every feature like alarm ringtone setting different alarm tasks for different days, and so on. It is free but all have some in-app purchases.

Download on Android


If you truly need to get up from sleep then you need to download one of these best alarm apps. It will help you be productive in the morning. Mind you you need to sleep when you need to. So you can have enough sleep. Because these apps can be so annoying but that is what they are designed to do.

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