Top 10 Apps For Journalists To Use in 2023

What are the best apps for journalists? This question is what I often see, and I have decided to compile a couple of good apps for those seeking answers. This article is for the best apps for journalists in 2022. Mobile apps help to simplify our work, so I see why a lot of journalists are searching for apps that can help them get reports in no time.

I know how demanding being a reporter can be, you have to constantly chase the latest updates, and new news pops every hour. However, the best apps for journalists can help ease your work. Though they might not contain all the features the desktop versions have, but can do a lot. With these apps, you capture news either by writing or recording.

Some of these apps like Google docs even help save your work, so you don’t lose it. If you are far from the publishing station, the apps also help you share the work with your colleagues. Better still, you can publish articles directly from the apps. Let’s quickly check them out.

Top 10 Apps For Journalists


Our first app on the list of apps for journalists is the Grammarly keyboard. Grammarly is a well-known grammar checker, that is available on both the web and application It checks work on the go. You as a journalist can use the app to check all of your work for grammatical and spelling errors. It’s also useful if you wish to check before posting any articles or stories. If you use your smartphone to type the article. Although the keyboard lacks many features, it can still serve you when you are not close to a computer. As a journalist, this app should be one of the must-have apps for you.

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Rev is a powerful audio recording app that can be useful to journalists. Using the Rev mobile app, journalists can send an interview to a human transcript with a turnaround time of fewer than 24 hours. For journalists with a bigger budget and a shorter deadline, it’s a good option. Additionally, Rev allows AI transcription, which helps verify the accuracy of an interview. While it’s better not to publish the results verbatim in news articles.

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Evernote offers the ability to collect almost anything. That includes images, videos, and internet clips for any breaking news stories a writer may come upon. Journalists would love Evernote because it contains every tool they need to cover a story. The app supports cross-platforms, which means you can share articles, images, and more directly from the app. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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Google Drive

Losing a new tale is the worst thing that can happen. Thankfully, this is drastically less likely thanks to services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Journalists can write in Google Docs because their articles will sync effortlessly throughout all of their devices. Google Drive is another tool the reporter can utilize to work remotely with their editor. Additionally, Google Docs integrates well with grammatical checkers like Grammarly. This makes it easy to check for any grammatical errors.

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Regarding writing tools, Scrivener is in a class by itself. And it’s one of the best apps for journalists. Scrivener, a cult favorite among long-form authors, is primarily recognized as a Windows and Mac desktop application. But now that it’s an iOS app, it’s ideal for journalists who need to write pieces quickly. The program provides straightforward yet effective writing tools. As well as features to keep your documents and thinking organized.

The ability to keep and easily access your reference and research materials alongside your writing is what Scrivener does best. So you can stay in one app the entire time if you need to refer to interview notes, earlier articles, online pages, photographs, or videos. While you’re creating. You may send your work to your editor, export it for publication, or instantly sync it with your desktop programs. This is possible, thanks to simple sharing and Dropbox synchronization.

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You need a solution to back everything up and sync it with your computer. Dropbox comes in when you have plenty of images, movies, graphics, audio recordings, and written information on your phone. You might still want to access your computer’s contents even with your phone. Dropbox makes your phone and PC extensions of each other by enabling easy file storage and access from any device.

The subscription prices are quite reasonable, and the user experience is simple and resembles the iOS interface you’re used to. In essence, Dropbox makes sure that your files are always safe and accessible. If you are the type who loves to share your articles with other publishers, Dropbox helps you achieve that without any form of stress.

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With Ferrite, you can edit audio files on your iPhone after importing or recording them straight within the app. You can edit and rearrange the audio files you recorded. In addition, you can add and edit several tracks inside a single project. You may modify and fade the volume, automatically tighten gaps and erase silence with this app.

You can also regulate dynamic range, lessen noise, and the list goes on. You may easily rearrange, crop, and duplicate audio segments. Thanks to the interface’s incredibly intuitive design. Additionally, you can make audio templates that come in handy if you frequently record the same kind of recording.

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Recording phone conversations when you’re on the road or in a public place where anyone could overhear is challenging. With the help of TapeACall, you may easily record and save any conversation that occurs over your handset. TapeACall can record with only a click. You can also set it to record an upcoming call.

This app is good for a journalist who wants to take a quick interview. And don’t want to miss any information. The app supports 28 languages which means you can use it even when you travel abroad. Additionally, you can also you the app to share videos immediately.

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Timecode Log

If you need to record or take notes at a press conference and then need to locate that precise soundbite for video or audio, this straightforward tool will come in handy. Every time you press Enter, the current timecode in the format HH:MM: SS in the app is automatically written down. You quickly adjust to it. Top reporters claim that the app is one of the must-have apps for journalists who don’t want to miss out on any information

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When working on stories, Pushbullet is a great app for transmitting links or other media between your phone and browser. Additionally, you can send files using it, view your phone’s push alerts on a Mac, create text messages on your laptop and send them via SMS. It is an extremely potent tool for anyone who switches between devices occasionally.

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Final Words

These are the best apps we can lay our hands on for journalists. These mobile apps can come in handy when you are not close to a computer or you want to quickly cover a story. I believe one or more of these apps can help you do your job effectively. Let us hear your view about these apps for journalism.

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