Top 5 Apps To Book Cars (Rides) In Dubai 2023

Best apps to book cars in Dubai. Dubai is one of the most loved cities in the world that welcome millions of people every month. The city always receives tourists, business individuals, and those who just came down for vacation. So there is a need to get a car that would take you to your hotel or your destination from the airport.

That’s why we have compiled this list of the best apps to book cars. Gone are the days when you randomly stop a taxi on the street, yes, most don’t do that again except you are in a city you’re familiar with. These apps give users the liberty to book the kind of ride they want.

And also schedule the arrival of the cars. This help to save time and money. As you book, you get information about the car and the chauffeur. These apps are simple to use and you can book a car within a few minutes. Enough with the stories, let’s go check out these best apps to book cars in Dubai.

Top 6 Apps To Book Cars In Dubai


CAREEM is one of the best apps to book cars in Dubai. This app is one of the most populous transport apps in the Middle East and some parts of Africa. The app is easy to use and lets people book cars without experiencing any form of problems. On the app, users can choose the cars of preference based on taste and affordability. In addition, you get to schedule your ride either to ride now or later.

Once you are done booking, you get information on the designated captain, destination route, time of arrival of the car, and so on. Also, the app allows users to share real-time locations with friends and family, so they can know where you currently are. It’s available in English, French, Arabic, and Turkish language.  If you are looking for a hassle-free app to book cars in Dubai then give Careem a trial today.


Uber is one of the most popular booking apps in the world. It is well known for its simple user interface and the awesome services it renders. Uber UAE is an Uber app people use to book cars in Dubai. The app is mostly used by users who are in search of emergency cabs or those trying to catch a cab to the airport. You get a large collection of cars to choose from and booking cars is super easy.

Users can use the ride-sharing option to split the ride cost with others. You can also use the Uber UAE app to book a helicopter for a ride around the city of Dubai. Lastly, the Uber UAE app is available in English, French, and Arabic. Look to book a car in Dubai upon arrival, then try the Uber UAE app.

3. RTA App

Another good app to book cars in Dubai is the RTA app. The RTA app is a time-saving transport app that allows you to book cars without experiencing any hassle. You can use the app to check the timetable of cars, trains, metro, and so on. With this, you know when to get a car to book that will take you to your destination.

Other features of the app include checking and managing your e-wallet account, you can use the app to locate the closest RTA center with the app’s GPS functionality. Lastly, you get a secure online payment system that makes you pay with ease. Users of RTA get rewards through the accumulation of green points.

4. Dubai Taxi Corporation

DTC app is one of the most exclusive transport apps that is being used in the city of Dubai. The app allows you to book cars and other transport means that can convey you through the city of Dubai. On this app, you have the preference of choosing the kind of car you want to book.

You can book Limousines, cars, airport taxis, school buses, business buses, etc. It’s one of the safest means of booking transport in Dubai. Their services are top-notch and have made the app gets a lot of positive reviews. The payment system is easy. You can choose to pay directly or pay using a card. The DTC app is one of the best apps to book cars in Dubai that offers a hassle-free service.

5. WOW-Apps To Book Cars In Dubai

WOW is a newcomer to the transport business. The app is an innovative electronic transport app that allows users to book rides with ease. It delivers a high-quality service which has helped attract a lot of users to it. It has a unique user interface that makes booking swift. Users get to choose the car of their choice anytime and anywhere. It features a real-life GPS tracker, that makes you search the pick-up and drop-off locations.

You can even track your whole movement while on the ride. Also, you can share your location with friends and loved ones. WOW allow you to view the details of the vehicle you booked and all the information you need to know about the driver. When referring the app to others you get to earn bonus points and certain rewards.

6. BaronFleet

Another app on our list of best apps to book cars in Dubai is BaronFleet. BaronFleet is an excellent app to book cars with ease. The sole aim of the owners is to create an app that provides Chauffeur service which allows users to book a reliable and affordable car. You are free to schedule your ride pick-up time and day.

Also when you book a ride just like other apps, you get to see the price of the ride you booked. And the price is fixed with no hidden charges. The payment process is swift and easy. And it supports most payment systems. The app is available in most middle eastern countries and some parts of Asia.

Final Thoughts On The Best Apps To Book Cars In Dubai

Booking cars have never been much easier in Dubai. With the app of these apps, you can book rides from anywhere you are in the city. Some of these apps allow you to book luxury cars that can take you around the city. The services these apps render are reliable and affordable.

When you book a car, the GPS features help you to monitor your movement and even share them with family or friends. There you have the best apps to book cars in Dubai. Let us hear your thoughts in the comment box below.

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