Top 10 Apps To Trade Crypto In Canada 2023

Best apps to trade crypto in Canada. Recently, there are sad news that has come over the crypto world. The fall of some of the coins has led many to lose a fortune.
However, analysts still say that having crypto assets is still good for the future. And for those in Canada that wish to trade cryptocurrency, these best apps to trade crypto are the best for you.
These apps to trade crypto in Canada are well-known and recognized by the Canadian government. So you do not have to worry about anything. These apps can help you buy and sell crypto from the comfort of your home.
And for security, these apps have the best security features you need to protect your assets from scammers. Without wasting much of your time, let us get to it.

Top 10 Apps To Trade Crypto in Canada 2023

1. Binance Canada App

Our first app on the list of apps to trade crypto in Canada is Binance. Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms if not the largest. Through a relatively user-friendly interface, the Binance app gives users access to data about their holdings. And allows them to execute trades. Binance also manages to offers a simple user interface for investors who only want to buy and keep their assets.

Several fiat currencies, including CAD transfers from users’ bank accounts. And the app allows deposits with your debit and credit cards. The Binance app provides customers with one of the most complete app packages available. Allowing them to monitor their holdings, conduct transactions, and keep updated wherever they are. If you wish to trade crypto in Canada, Binance you be one of your go-to apps.

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2. Coinberry Canada

Another app to trade crypto in Canada is Coinberry. The user interface of the Coinberry app is quite simple and easy to use. This app presents you with top crypto assets and daily price updates.

Additionally, the speeds of deposits, transfers, purchases, and withdrawals are all quite quick. The app also provides a secure two-factor authentication login option.

Canadian investors seeking to reduce any additional costs associated with their trading may find Coinberry to be an appealing alternative.

Because it does not impose fees on deposits or withdrawals. Coinberry is also among the most reliable apps to trade crypto in Canada since it has all the needed licenses to operate.

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3. Gemini App

Germini is an American crypto trading platform. And its app is one of the best apps to trade crypto in Canada. Canadian crypto traders have 45 different coins to select from with Gemini. For novice investors searching for a quick and secure way to keep track of their cryptocurrency holdings.

And execute trades while on the go, the Gemini app provides the ideal user experience. The Germini app makes it easy to monitor and trade crypto assets with technologies like price notifications, auto-buys, and others. If you are just starting out in crypto, you can register directly from the app. The Gemini app is a wise choice for Canadians who want to start trading crypto assets.

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4. Coinbase

Our next app to trade crypto in Canada is Coinbase. Coinbase is a well-known crypto platform throughout the globe. With one of the most straightforward user interfaces, the Coinbase app gives users the option to examine all of their holdings.

And daily activities in the main tab. Users of Coinbase can quickly purchase, sell, and convert cryptocurrencies using the mobile app. Other features of the app include learning about cryptocurrency, seeing cryptocurrency prices, browsing the most recent news articles for each currency, and so on. In a nutshell, the app is one of the best apps to trade crypto in Canada.

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5. Bitbuy App

Bitbuy is one of Canada’s crypto platforms. The app provides users with a straightforward interface. Which they can use to examine their order book, make CAD deposits and withdrawals, and keep track of their portfolios. For more knowledgeable investors, the Bitbuy app also offers specialized trading options like market and limit orders. The crypto assets available on the app are Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP.

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6. CoinSmart App

Another simple app for buying and selling crypto in Canada is Coinsmart. The app gives you the choice to deposit money through Interac e-Transfer. And there are no charges for any deposit of more than $2,000.

Additionally, deposits made using Interac e-Transfer are handled on the same day. You might need to pay a normal charge for trading costs. The charge rises if you trade a crypto-cross pair that excludes Bitcoin, and others. The minimum withdrawal amount on the Coinsmart app is $50, and there is a 1% transaction charge.

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7. Kraken App

Another US crypto trading app available to Canadian traders is Kraken. The app has a straightforward layout that makes it simple to use to track the performance of crypto assets. Engage in trading, or transfer cryptocurrency to other wallets.

Since Kraken accepts CAD, Canadian consumers can easily monitor prices in CAD and complete swift transactions. For traders who want more functionality can upgrade to Kraken Pro.

Kraken is one of the best apps to trade crypto in Canada. Since it combines a straightforward user experience with a multitude of capabilities. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

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8. Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X may be a good option if you’re in search of one of the best apps to trade crypto in Canada for secure storage. Be aware that Ledger Nano X is well renowned for its hardware wallets.

Which are the industry standard for security in the cryptocurrency world. Therefore, it makes sense to connect the Ledger Nano X app with a hardware device if you’re contemplating this alternative.

You will gain access to a variety of security tools as a result. Furthermore, to transfer money, you must enter your PIN on the device itself. Naturally, this won’t work for those of you who want to purchase and sell cryptocurrency frequently.

Because the transfer process can be difficult. Nonetheless, the Ledger Nano X app itself grants you access to exchange services. However, you must still use your physical device to confirm trades.

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9. Blockfolio App

Blockfolio is another app that lets you monitor the performance of your portfolio of crypto assets. However, tier-one cryptocurrency exchange FTX has since acquired the app. This is encouraging if you want to use tracking tools and cryptocurrency trading services together.

The app supports thousands of crypto assets and you can monitor them in real time. Additionally, thanks to the FTX acquisition, you can now fund your account with fiat currency. The bitcoin futures offered by FTX allow you to trade digital assets with high leverage levels.

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10. Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple may be the best app for you if you want to build an investment portfolio that includes both cryptocurrencies and conventional stocks. A lot of Canadians use this well-liked app, many of whom are casual investors looking for simple access to the financial markets.

On the Wealthsimple app, you may purchase dozens of cryptocurrencies, all of which have a $1 minimum investment requirement.

Those of you who want to purchase Bitcoin and other crypto assets with a small sum of money may find this useful. Until you’re ready to cash out or move the money to a private wallet, you can store your cryptocurrency tokens at Wealthsimple.

Additionally, for added security, you can shield your account with two-factor authentication. Another strength of Wealthsimple is its helpful and quick customer support staff.

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