Top 7 Windows 11 Hidden Features You Need To Be Using

Even though Windows 11 has been around for a while, not many people are taking advantage of all of its hidden advantages. To get the most out of Microsoft’s most recent operating system, you need probably to become familiar with a number of its features. Microsoft appears to be bringing its operating system into the future with fluid design features that are centered on productivity and the most recent technology. These are some of the features in Windows 11 that you might not be taking full advantage of. And this article will show you the top 7 Windows 11 hidden features you should be using. If you are ready let’s get to it.

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Top 7 Windows 11 Hidden Features You Should Be Using

Focus Sessions Can Help You Be More Productive

The Focus Sessions feature in Windows 11 attempts to increase productivity. It does this by eliminating distractions and assisting you in setting professional goals. You can set the things you wish to concentrate on in each session using the tool, which you can find in the clock app. If music is what keeps you focused, you can even link your Spotify account to have it playing in the background.

Become acquainted with snap layouts

In Windows 11, this is one of the best methods to increase productivity, and everyone ought to take use of this useful tool. Microsoft included new layout options that let you arrange windows on your screen in a tiled or side-by-side arrangement. Given how effective and user-friendly this tool is and how it’s integrated into the OS, it seems inevitable that Microsoft would build upon it in the upcoming release of their desktop operating system.

Take advantage of the Clipboard Manager

You’ll be glad to know that Windows 11’s clipboard manager has undergone some changes if you felt that the Windows 10 clipboard’s functionality was a bit limited. You can copy multiple items to the clipboard, and the clipboard history makes it simple to access them. Emojis and kaomoji are even supported by the Windows 11 clipboard. Even though it might appear intimidating, utilizing the enhanced clipboard manager in Windows 11 is straightforward.

Utilize Widgets to Your Benefit

Probably all of us have used widgets on our smartphones. The little tiles allow us to quickly access the information we need without opening additional programs or making several clicks. Additionally, Windows 11 supports third-party widgets in addition to its own. We advise using Windows 11 widgets right away because they are so simple to use and so helpful. If your Windows 11 widgets stop working, which is a difficult condition to be in, there is an easy workaround.

Voice Typing For Speedier Text Capture

Another function that you’ve undoubtedly already used on a mobile device is this one. You may send text messages more easily by speaking through your microphone during voice typing. You don’t need to install additional software to increase the productivity of your work because the capability is built into Windows 11. If used properly, Microsoft’s voice typing tool for Windows may be very effective, and setting up voice access in Windows 11 is not difficult.

Use the Taskbar Hotkeys to Switch Quickly

When you pin items to the Windows 11 taskbar, hotkeys are immediately set up. Use the Windows key in conjunction with a number key that matches the location of the pinned item to swiftly move to a certain window or application. This reduces the amount of time it takes to transition between Windows and apps, especially for lower numbers.

Emulators for Linux and Android

This feature may not be one that everyone is familiar with or has particular needs, which is why we placed it as the last feature. Although it’s an intriguing addition, you won’t likely use it unless you absolutely must for work-related reasons. Because of how difficult it is to install Windows Subsystem for Linux and Android, the average Windows 11 user may decide against using it. But keep in mind that a PC with top-notch specifications is required to run Android apps on Windows.


That’s pretty much all of the hidden features you need to be using. These Windows 11 features will help boost your productivity level and make you more focused when working. So if you don’t know about these features, we’ve helped you out with them. Lets us know what you think about these Windows 11 features in the comment section


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